How to develop Games on a Windows VPS

When it comes to developing games there are a lot of challenges that developers face. From the very beginning of the game, there are a ton of obstacles in a developer’s way to make their game reality. Whether it is the concept of the game or the overall functionality that needs tweaked, a developer needs the right tools to create the best game possible. One of these obstacles is often a double edged sword known as hosting. Having the proper hosting while creating your game is crucial to its development!

A Windows VPS is a cost effective hosting solution for developing your game. The Windows VPS allows for complete control of the functionality of the hosting environment and in turns gives you the ability to create some of the most amazing 2D and 3d games. A Windows VPS is safe and secure; they perform well and are great to develop games on.

Selecting the right hosting company for your Windows VPS is just as important as deciding to go with the Windows VPS for the development. The hosting company you select should not only be cost-effective, but offer a solid plan that suits your needs. Make sure they are reputable and do your due diligence by checking your up-time. If possible, try to find one that is geographically closer to you as ping is king!

The game development tool needed on a Windows VPS

Now that you have selected your Windows VPS host, it is time to get started. The tool that will be utilized is made by Microsoft, it is called the Game Creators GDK which allows you to develop and create powerful enhanced 3D and 2D games. It also comes completely integrated with Visual C++ 2008 Express development environment, which will allow you to completely harness the performance and power of the C++ language. Also in the package are a number of tutorials for both beginner and advanced users. Utilizing these tutorials will answer every single question you have about how to develop games on a Windows VPS. On top of the tutorials, included with the tool is full intellisense support in Visual C++ 08 Express.

Some of the information that can be found in the tutorials is how to properly add and adjust shaders. Other tutorials will show you a complete walkthrough for the process of loading & moving around! On top of that, the tutorials will teach you how to properly load and animate 3D objects! All of this information will help you get started making the best game possible!
Also included with the Game Creators GDK is a large collection of professionally produced and fully animated 3D objects, this includes monster, people, weapons, vehicles, and much more. As well as bitmaps, audio, video, music, and models! The Game Creators GDK is all you need with your Windows VPS to get started developing games today! A Windows VPS is on the best choices a game developer can make when it comes to developing a game.

How to develop Games on a Linux VPS

When it comes to developing games choosing the right hosting for your game is one of the most important decisions you can make. While a lot of developers will opt for a shared hosting environment at the beginning of development, they will often come to realize that they are quickly outgrowing it and will need to make a change in order to stay compliant within the shared hosting environment. This is why developing games on a Linux VPS is the best choice the first time. If you outgrow your shared hosting environment, you have to move all of your data to your new VPS, this is a time consuming and cumbersome problem to say the least and it could have been avoided by getting the right hosting the first time around.

While many people opt to develop games on a Windows VPS, a Linux VPS is a solid choice due to the complete flexibility within the hosting environment. A Cheap VPS offers you a lot of functionality that the windows VPS does not have. With that said there are also a lot less programs and tools available to Linux users when compared to Windows, but there are more than enough game development tools to make a Linux VPS the clear choice for hosting and developing games.

Now you may be wondering how to develop games on your Linux VPS, by utilizing the tools below, you will get started creating and developing games in no time.

The Leadwerks Engine

The Leadwerks engine is a very flexible and fast gaming engine that contains a script editor and built in level designing tools for building 3D games.


The Horde3D was written to create stunning visual displays and effects that are expected in next generation games, while maintain a lightweight functionality and clean interface. It is accessible from almost any programming language and it is great for rendering large crowds of characters who are animated in next-gen quality.


Known as a cross-platform rendering game engine that is lightweight Urho3D is integrated in C++ and released under the MIT license. The engine utilizes OpenGL or Direct3D when rendering. It also uses Lau and Angelscript for scripting.


This is a unique game engine that was created for modernized 3D development; it utilizes shader technology more than other gaming engines and was written in JAVA.

The Cafu Engine

This game development and modernized 3D graphics engine contains everything you need to get started quickly. It can be utilized to create a wide range of 3D projects and applications, such as simulations, training, architectural software, and games. This software is 100% free for Linux users!

NAOS Engine

Known as a scalable server/client gaming engine, the NAOS engine is designed to support large scale MMORPGs. It has been refined and continuously developed for its own game which is known as Vendetta Online. The engine has proven itself through years of expansion and usage. The engine is in the process of being made available.


One of the most flexible 3D gaming engines to exist is the OGRE engine. It is written is C++ and designed to make it easier for developers to create applications by utilizing the accelerated hardware 3D graphics, The OGRE engine is a scene-oriented engine that utilizes system libraries such as OPENGL and Direct3D to produce a unique interface that contains world object as well as other intuitive classes.

Getting started developing games on a Linux VPS has never been easier thanks to these tools.

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